Details: AMP Consultants Ltd. co-hosted FOCUS GROUP#1 for the Appropriate Common Fare Structure, on Monday, 15 November 2021 at the Infinity Ballroom, Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, together with, and on behalf of, The Ministry of Transport and Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP). The Topics were:

(i)    The Guidelines for Common Fare Setting and Proposed Common Fare Interoperability;
(ii)   Common fare for the interoperability between mass rapid transit systems
(iii)   Adjusting the mass rapid transit fare to be a single fare table;
(iv)  Common fare for the interoperability with other mass transit systems;
(v)   Guidelines for promoting operations for mass transit operators from applications.

The Seminar was aimed at publicising the project implementation and obtaining comments and suggestions from a focus group of relevant public and private sector stakeholders. Important feedback and key information were gained from this collaboration and used in the preparation of the study to develop a Governance Plan for the Management of a Common Ticketing System. The resulting Plan will ultimately provide guidelines for the governance and management of common ticketing in Bangkok and ensure a high degree of efficiency and completeness of the delivered system.